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Turning Childhood Memories Into Treasured Keepsakes

Over 50 years ago a loving father sitting in his workshop set out to create a gift for his children. He picked the wood, made the cuts, sanded, carved and stained until he had a beautiful finished game board for them. It was coined “The Marble Game” and over the years it became a family tradition. Countless hours of fun and laughter shared around the board, more than he could probably ever have imagined. As the years passed the family grew and each moved on to start their own families, but when they came together, The Marble Game was played.

Knowing how much much their family enjoyed the game, his daughter came to us with a hope that we could help her keep this tradition going with their ever growing family. Her father has passed and she thought what a wonderful tribute to him it would be to make a replicate game board for her family members so they can each have their own and play the game with their children and grandchildren for many years to come and we were happy to oblige.

We took great care in replicating his beautiful work, creating 6 new game boards for each of her loved ones. As we worked the project I was reminded of the many nights my family gathered around my grandma’s table rolling the dice and moving the marbles as we played a hot game of Aggravation! Grandpa rolling out of turn, Grandma scolding him, Dad, Uncle Jay, and Uncle Jim finding way too much enjoyment sending my last marble back home to try again. Some of my fondest childhood memories were around a game board with my family and we were honored to be able to create a treasured keepsake that captured our clients favorite memories of her father and family.

This project is a perfect example of what we strive to do here at JC Boutique. Creating unique and personal gifts that come from the heart, handmade made just for you and your loved ones. Weddings, new babies, memorials, anniversaries, & more we help turn your favorite memories into treasured keepsakes!