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Maybe you are a diy’er who would love to learn a new craft or technique, or maybe you are a fellow creative entrepreneur looking for like minded folks and a place where you can be inspired or help others, either way, JC Creative Studio is a place for you!

For a lifetime I have loved to create and make things. That love was a catalyst to get a degree and build a career focused on design, helping companies showcase their brands and businesses visually to the world, but at night & on weekends, I love nothing more than to create gifts, apparel & decor for friends, family, and customers world wide. I am asked so often about my methods and techniques, where I get supplies, how I got started, etc. and have found there are so many people who just want to learn and so I have created a place where you can come to ask questions, suggest topics, and simply connect with others who are learning just like you!

Whether you are a brand new creator or a veteran of 20 years, I welcome you whole heartedly to join us on Facebook! I have created a special place where you can learn new methods, share your creations, and just enjoy conversation with other creatives.

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Dyed Epoxy Swirl Beach Themed Tumbler

Handpainted Woodgrain Baseball Tumlber

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We have tested out so many different supplies and accessories over the years, so we thought we’d share some of our favorite go-to items!